If you follow the trail of DCEU over WB, you probably have whiplash. Currently, there are three Batmen (Affleck, Keaton, and Pattinson), three Jokers (Leto,

New developments are coming up every day that seem to be worse news than good. With rumors of Amber Heard's

re-enactment and the ongoing drama surrounding Ezra Miller, Lady Gaga's appearance could not have come at a better time.

When Todd Phillips unveiled a text cover on Instagram with the title, Folie a Deux, the speculation went awry.

The meaning of this word refers to the wisdom that is shared. Of course, one character who had a problem with Joker was his beloved friend,

Harley Quinn. The excitement of Harley Quinn appearing in the next game sparked many discussions and theories.

Luckily for us, it also inspired a work of art from many talented artists. As you can see in the picture below,

fans are in a trance. Here are some glimpses of what Lady Gaga might look like as a maniacal Harley.