This was a good move for Pippen, but it was also good for the fans to pick the Lakers and make jokes about LeBron James by getting a solid side player

to compete in the 2023 NBA tournament. One fan made a joke that Bron finally got his Pippen, just as Michael Jordan

did in his 80s with his Chicago Bulls. "LeBron finally found his Pippen," Ryan Fowler tweeted Thursday night.

The Lakers did not try to get a big star, but they did find a strong player in Christie's. Plus, they could polish Pippen

and O'Neal for the future, as they did with Alex Caruso or Austin Reaves. Purple and Gold are now focused on a free agency,

where players like Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker will be available for trade talks. They could make a big move this season

to start competing next year, but that looks very difficult at the moment. Maybe Scotty could leave his mark on the game

like his old man did in the 90s, but it is too early to say. He is now focused on getting better and getting a call from the first team.