Marion Barber, one of the former Cowboys running backs, passed away on Wednesday. Barber, who was only 38,

spent six seasons in his eight-year career with the Cowboys, writing him in the fourth round in 2005. We are saddened by the tragic death of Marion Barber III.

Marion was an old school football player, with a strong nose that ran with the desire to win everything.

He loved the game and loved the coaches and teammates. Our hearts go out to Marion's family and friends during this difficult time.

According to reports, Frisco police found Barber at his home on Wednesday. The cause of death is not yet known. Barber suddenly became a fan favorite

with his strong-nosed running style, which earned him the nickname "Marion the Barbarian." In his third season,

Barber made the Pro Bowl in 2007 with 975 running yards and 10 touchdowns, though he never started the game.

He finished his career with 4,780 running yards and 53 quick touchdowns, including 47 with the Cowboys, ranked fourth in the team history.

Barber had just 42 starts, actively working as part of a system that would reverse his entire career, or split time with Julius Jones or Felix Jones.

But he was often used as a red-zone back, hitting at least four touchdowns in his seven professional seasons, including 14 in 2006.