Natalie Portman did not need much help to prepare for her upcoming return to Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Portman recently revealed how he prepared to use Mjolnir in the upcoming series God of Thunder. Those involved with the film weren't shy to give Portman credit

for how she managed to transform herself to prepare for her role as the Mighty Thor. Natalie Portman return to Thor: Love and Thunder will put him in a slightly

different role than his usual MCU appearance like Jane Foster. Like Mighty Thor, Portman will return to the screen with a new set of superpowers,

including the ability to use Mjolnir. Portman's appearance on Thor: Love and Thunder will be for the first time at MCU since 2013.

Portman made her MCU debut in 2011 at Thor and re-starred as Jane Foster in the 2013 sequel, Thor: The Dark World.

In discussing preparing for his new role in Thor: Love and Thunder, Portman recalled training before and during

his Marvel Studios film career, and drinking protein shakes to help him look like a hero and prepare for Marvel Studios.