The context is more important than the content of "Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special," a one-man comedy that shows that the former "Weekend Update" artist, knowing he was ill,

and acted simultaneously at home alone before. his death in September. Post-death extraction provides a proper and deep personal self-esteem,

as well as the beginning of the art of standing up. Netflix combined Macdonald's performance, which lasted just over 50 minutes, with a half-hour interview with six of his friends

Dave Chappelle, David Letterman, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Conan O'Brien and Molly Shannon, who spent one.

30 minutes or more remembers him while deleting what viewers have just seen. Chappelle called the explicit arrangement "very interesting,"

while Letterman noted that without the audience responding to the material, "We did not want to watch high-quality jokes.

Without those audiences, you do not get the full Normal rating." What you find is a vivid reminder of Macdonald's humor as he wanders from topic to topic,

occasionally recounting in a strange way and enduring the kind of disruption that was common in Covid's work, from his dog's barking to a phone call and apology,

but in the middle of recording a special joke. Although Macdonald knows his time may be short, there is nothing tangible or maudlin about the presentation,

which trains the camera in his face and allows him to rip. The comic is about live wishes and a few other death-dealing stories,