Rudy Gobert is one of the league’s leading scorers, providing elite rite protection and finishing touch. At the same time, it is fair to say that he is not a star,

but is paid as he is, as he is currently in a supermax contract. It was recently revealed by Tony Jones of The Athletic

that Utah Jazz saw "Gobert's major contract as an obstacle" in the club's structure, adding that Danny Ainge thought Gobert needed to be moved because

"the current backbone has reached the top". At the same time, sources say, Jazz saw Gobert 's highest contract as a hindrance.

Utah’s current core has reached a climax as a second-round team, and Ainge thought he needed to remove Gobert to break free from that.

Some groups were interested, and some packages were available. When the Minnesota offer went up to four starters, pick picks, with Kessler, Timberwolves writing No.

Jazz, league sources say, can't sell Mitchell. They want to build around their star, and they want to do that by flying. Obvious warning: If Ainge

and Zanik receive a gift from a group that is close to Gobert's scale, it will be difficult to disobey. But, for now, the plan is for Mitchell to have Jazz as it goes into next season.