According to the news coming from Hollywood, Disney Plus is preparing to make this new series 'She-Hulk', this is actually the story of Jennifer Walters, a lawyer.

She is the cousin of scientist Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner's blood is once transfused into his body in times of need. This is where the real story of the series begins.

According to the information, this series of Disney Plus will be a new extension of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

and for this the company's talks with famous actress Tatiana Masalani are in the final stages.

Some reports even say that this deal has been finalized, some legal aspects are still pending regarding this,

due to which both Tatiana and Disney Plus are still avoiding its official announcement. More information about 'She-Hulk' that has come from Marvel

sources is that this Lady Hulk does not lose her senses after getting angry like her brother Hulk. This is an enhanced version of the Hulk species.

Even after taking on the form of the Hulk, she maintains her composure, can use her knowledge skills,

and maintains her personality almost exactly the same as she was before she became the Hulk.