A sloth bear killed a man and a woman in India before eating their bones for hours.

The attack took place at a nature reserve on Sunday, when the couple left the temple, authorities said. On their way back from the Khermai temple,

Mukesh Rai and his wife Gudiya, aged 43 and 39 respectively, were walking through a forest in Panna, a district in central India's Madhya Pradesh

state, when they came across a bear bear. The attack took place at about 6.30am less than a mile from their home.

The Times of India reported that the bear “tore their bodies apart,” and they continued

to devour their bones for at least four hours before the Department of Police and Forestry arrived. Beer attacks in India are rare,

but they are very likely to occur in forested areas. In a 2015 review of attacks in Central India,

researchers found that most of the victims suffered facial or head injuries.