In this show, the name of these two was something else. Its creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera introduced Tom as Jasper then

and did not give Jerry any name. However, Jerry was later renamed Jinx. Meaning this pair of 'Tom and Jerry' had earlier appeared

before the world in the name of 'Jasper and Jinx'. Later their name was changed to Tom and Jerry.

There is also an interesting story behind their naming. There was also a lot of trouble with the names of Tom and Jerry.

For this, a competition was held in the studio that whoever suggested the names of these characters would get a chance to win 50 dollars.

In this competition, animator John Carr suggested the name Tom for the cat and Jerry for the mouse.

These two names were finalized and our favorite cartoon characters got names that are impossible to forget. In June 1937, animator

and storyman Joseph Barbara began work at the Icing Animation Unit of MGM, Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios. Back then it used to be the biggest studio in Hollywood.