Sydney Sweeney quickly gained fame after appearing in a grassroots game, Euphoria, like Cassie Howard.

His character quickly gained popularity in the first season because fans have a sense of how he is related.

As the second season played his character his character had a difficult time and ended up being unpopular with fans.

In addition to playing for Euphoria, Sweeney has also been very successful in other roles.

Sydney Sweeney's acting career began back in 2009, and she has been working ever since. He has appeared in several starring films, including Once Upon a Time

in Hollywood back in 2019. He has starred in popular television series such as Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, The White Lotus, and Euphoria.

Sweeney appears in the 2019 Halsey music video, in her song Graveyard. Sweeney has had his fair share of roles.

Sweeney is popular not only for his role models but also for his off-screen personality. He has opened up a lot about his own stories that fans can relate to.