After a handful of Tampa Bay Rays players refused to wear a rainbow uniform on Pride Night on Saturday,

the only player who was openly gay in professional baseball said "racism and hatred have a word in baseball and you have seen it in Tampa."

"We've seen a lot of teams sell rainbow items and make Pride Nights, which is great, but they need to support their players,"

Bryan Ruby said of the Tampa situation, which he called "sad and frustrating."

"We get one night at the ballpark to be with us all year, and it was an indication that many people still believe we are not there and that we are not welcome

even on a proud night," they are still second-class citizens, "he said. The Rays hosted their 16-year-old Pride Night at Tropicana Field on Saturday

All players were required to wear rainbow colored logos to their Pride Night uniforms,

including rainbow “TB” on their caps and sunburn on the sleeves of their right jersey,