Five years after he forcibly started his radio program Capital Breakfast, Roman was diagnosed with insomnia

a condition that causes your breath to stop and start while you sleep. He said it was so bad that he had been advised

by a doctor to wear an oxygen mask at night. Roman told MailOnline: "The doctors told me I had to wear an oxygen mask

There's nothing fun about going back to Roman Kemp's house. ‘They were expecting candles and emotional light

but found a picture of Darth Vader in an oxygen tank. There are many different types of sleep apneea,

but the most common is called obstructive sleep apneea. This is where the larynx relaxes and restricts the respiratory system during sleep.

Depending on the severity of the case, sleep apnea may require surgical treatment. Although Roman has no immediate plans to leave Capital,

he has admitted that he plans to leave showbiz five years after his diagnosis.

Speaking at a similar MailOnline interview he said: "I want at least ten years on the air.

Opening his plans for the future, Roman shared plans for a peaceful life and stressed that he could not stay in the UK permanently.