What is Facebook Creator studio |what are its benefits? 2021-22

Facebook Creator studio
Facebook Creator studio

Facebook Creator studio-Finally, on June 18, 2018, Facebook released Facebook Creator for Android users! So today we will know that what is Facebook Creator? And what are the benefits we can get from this?

Friends, in the last post, what is IGTV? Know and understand about it in full detail but we are talking about IGTV because it was also recently launched by Instagram! And it’s very similar to Facebook Creator!

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What is Facebook Creator studio App and what are its features?

Friends, who do not know about Facebook! Nowadays even children of about 8-10 years old have started using Facebook! Because Facebook is the #1 Social Networking Site of today! And every day it keeps on bringing some new features to us! And today a new offer of this, about which we will know!

Today we will know in full detail that: Facebook Creator studio?

And full information about Facebook Creator

Now you have also come to know that the Internet and Technology are constantly being upgraded! In this Upgrade era, every company is trying to introduce some new things to us! And in this changing generation, Facebook is also contributing.

So let’s know in full detail and comfort what are the useful features given in this new release of Facebook! Which can make it even more special and useful for us!

What is Facebook Creator studio?

This is a brand new offering from Facebook! We can access it through both the website and application. With the help of which we can create a video community and analyze it too!

It is designed for Influencers who want to build their own video community on Facebook! This is a better place for those people who are passionate about making videos! And those who want to make a mark on the Internet!

iOS users in November 2017 itself! It was also said that in the coming few months this will be released for Android users as well! It was finally released on the Google Play Store on 18 June 2018!

Apart from Video Community, more special features have been given in its application for Android and iOS! Which we will talk about in the topic with its features below! You can download the Creator App for Android and iOS from the links below!

What are the features of Facebook Creator studio?

In this post, we will know about the features of the Creator App in full detail in turn! And also know what are their uses?

Live Creative Kit

With its help, you can make yourself live! I mean you can use it for your audience’s interest or Q&A! You can answer their questions by broadcasting Live Video!

This feature makes this Creator App even more interesting! And this feature can prove useful to us to a great extent!

Camera and Stories

In today’s era, Camera and Stories has become a part of almost all Social Networking Sites! If you notice, this feature is also important for us!

enjoy this feature in the Creator App! You can easily share your Stories with the Audience! You can also use a variety of Stickers and Memes when sharing Stories!

Community Tab

I found this feature very powerful and useful! Because with the help of this, we can read and reply to the messages of our other accounts also from the same place!

According to my, it can also be called Unified Inbox! It is meant to say that with the help of this Inbox, we can easily reply to the comments of our Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, and Instagram Profile!

Analytics (Insights)

Finally, we’ve also got the Insights option in the Creator App! It will be very easy for us to know the interest of our Fans and Audience from here! We will be able to decide what kind of videos or posts people like!
With the help of this feature, we will be able to analyze all our videos and posts! We’ll be able to check the Analytics of our Page Likes, Page Reach, Page Views, and Videos anytime, anywhere!

How is the design of the Facebook Creator App?

In this section, we will see how is the Design and Interface of the Creator App in Android! And what are their uses?

Top Interface of Creator App

Here you will get to see the options of Camera, Search, and Settings!

Bottom Interface of Creator App

At the bottom of the Creator App, you will get the option of Home, Notification, Messages, and Insights! And apart from these, by tapping the (⊕) button, you can upload New Post and Video!

How to Login to Facebook Creator App?

For this, you do not have to create a Facebook Creator Account! Since it is a service of Facebook, it will be logged in from your Facebook account itself!
To login to it, simply enter your E-mail Address / Mobile Number and Facebook Password and tap on the Login Button!

Then, if you’ve got Two-Step Verification turned on in your Facebook account, you’ll see the middle screenshot! Otherwise, login will be done only after doing so!
After this, that is, in the next step, select your page! After that, you will see the Dashboard of Facebook For Creators!

Facebook Creator App Review (Conclusion):

Facebook had come with almost everything! There was something lacking just for the creators which this app made up for! This is a very useful app for creators!

If I say personally, it is very special for me! With the help of this, I will be able to manage my pages in a better way now! And right now I’m using it too!

I found its design and features very good and useful! Although the size of the Creator App is (60MB+), which is huge! But according to the features is fine! You can see its review below!

Full information in Hindi What is Facebook Creator and what are its features?

I had so much fun sharing this information with you! Do you also know what is Facebook Creator? (What is Facebook Creator In Hindi?) Please tell us if you liked it!

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