windows 11: these features will get your attention first

When it comes to laptops or personal computers, the first thing that comes to mind is the Windows operating system. Most PCs or laptops run on the Windows operating system and now its new version has also arrived. In October 2021, 6 years after the arrival of Windows 10, Microsoft made Windows 11 available to the public. However, this update is being rolled out gradually to all systems.

If you haven’t upgraded to the new operating system yet, you can do so by going to Settings. On a laptop or PC, this can be done by going to Settings-Update & Security-Windows Update.

windows 11
windows 11

After updating you will notice that a lot has become slick. The corners of the apps have become a bit rounded and the taskbar has also shifted to the center. Talk about change, it is not even that everything has changed. Much is the same as before, but there are some features that you should know about.

start button

The first feature that appears after the upgrade is the Start button. The start button has come from the left corner to the center. Along with the Start button, you will also see icons for Search, Desktop, Widget, and Microsoft Teams Chat. If you want, you can move the start button back to its place. Right-clicking on the taskbar will open the taskbar settings. Here you can turn on or off the option as per your wish. On scrolling down, you will also get the option to keep left or center in the taskbar behavior.

right-click menu

Right-click menu now focuses only on the important things. For options other than the basic option, the old menu can be accessed by clicking on the Show more option.

quick settings panel

The Quick Settings menu in Windows 11 has been separated from the Action Center in Windows 10. Click on the icon with Battery, Wi-Fi, Speakers on the right corner, then the whole menu will open. From Bluetooth to battery saving mode, airplane mode and other settings can be controlled. More new controls or settings can be added by clicking the pencil icon at the bottom of the menu.


Widgets have been enabled in Windows 11. These can be accessed by clicking on the widget icon on the taskbar. From top stories to weather information will be available from here. Set or rearrange the widget as you like.

desktop management

Windows 10’s taskbar icon has been replaced by a new icon. Creating multiple desktops just got easier with the new icons. Create a new desktop or view all open windows at once. To move apps from one desktop to another, that app just needs to be dragged.

start menu

A new feel comes as soon as you click on the start menu. The list menu has now been replaced by a tile-shaped icon. Here you will see pinned apps. If you want to see the complete list of apps, then you have to click on All Apps.

pinning apps

Live tiles are gone from the start menu and the pinning feature has come for easy access to apps. Open List View from All Apps and right-click on the app you want to pin. Pin or unpin with Pin to Start.

Customize Start Menu

The Settings button that appears above the Start button in Windows 10 is not visible in Windows 11. Settings can be accessed in the search bar but if you want the old feel, then by going to Personalization-Start-Folders inside Settings, the Settings menu can be pinned near the Start button. From here, if you want, you can also pin many features like Documents, File Explorer

change theme

Themes are back with Windows 11. The good news is that now themes also work with dark mode. Within Personalization in Settings, the option to edit themes, download new themes, and create custom themes is available. There is an option to change the background image and color.

battery graphics

With Windows 11, more information is available about the battery. How much battery is being used can be seen through a chart. This graph or chart appears in Settings-System-Power & Battery. Information about the detailed battery usage and which app is consuming more battery is also available.

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